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REMAR - Runtime Event Monitoring, Analysis and Response Framework (up)

REMAR is a small Event-Condition-Action (ECA) Rules library. Can be used in conjunction with WEE, but also standalone. We currently use REMAR to demonstrate intra- and inter-instance process synchronization.  
REMAR is about demonstrating how a minimal event based protocol (with only two message types) allows for shaping a process execution e.g. for synchronization, batching and (more generic) constraint enactment. 
Unlike the despicably un-generic "Batch Regions: Process Instance Synchronization Based on Data" (Pufahl, L.; Meyer, A.; Weske, M., Enterprise Distributed Object Computing Conference (EDOC), 2014 IEEE 18th International , vol., no., pp.150,159, 1-5 Sept. 2014), which concentrates on poorly hard-coding select batching mechanisms, REMAR concentrates on an elegant interface between arbitrary process engines, which can be used to introduce tweaked batching to a wide array of domains.  
Below you find examples how to realize an assorted simple set of challenges using the REMAR framework. 
Mangler, J.; Rinderle-Ma, S., "Rule-Based Synchronization of Process Activities," Commerce and Enterprise Computing (CEC), 2011 IEEE 13th Conference on , vol., no., pp.121,128, 5-7 Sept. 2011 

Generic Web-Based Worklist (up)

TBD, Documentation and Demo coming soon 
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