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About Us

The CPEE has been developed by the research group «Workflow Systems and Technology» at the University of Vienna. The Workflow Systems and Technology Group focuses on research in the area of Business Process Management and Workflow Systems, particularly on the integration and verification of compliance rules throughout the workflow life cycle, security and privacy issues in adaptive, inter-organizational Workflow Systems as well as advanced methods for workflow analysis and optimization. 

Juergen Mangler

Role: Architect & Lead Developer 
Juergen is passionate about process management, programming languages (especially Ruby) and distributed systems. He envisioned the CPEE to be a slim maintainable research tool, which can be extended without students messing up the core. He strongly believes that digging into vast piles of code just to add simple features should be avoided (by design) at any price. He is our main specialist in XCOM. 

Ralph Vigne

Role: Senior Extension Specialist 
Ralph is interested in using the CPEE on mobile devices, and dynamic service selection. Lead developer for the unified service marketplace, which allows for the seamless utilization of similar services from different vendors, independent of interfaces or used technologies. He also maintains an Android client that orchestrates the process of movie theater reservations for Viennese cinemas. 

Florian Stertz

Role: Hardware Automation Chief, Logging Jedi 
Florian is all about process based hardware integration and synchronization. He currently works to allow for NFC enabled worklist, that allow for an efficient documentation of process progress in medical settings. Florian loves to drop logs, preferably in the «XES» format. Florian is the recipient of an imperial assault tin medal in summer 2015. 

Tobias Hildebrandt

Role: Junior Sonification Officer 
«Tobias» uses the CPEE to create sonfications, i.e. audible representations of certain aspects of running process instances. Based on the advanced event dispersion facilities of the CPEE, he calculates KPIs and alerts which result in a constant stream of "music" that allows for en passant monitoring of complex process enactment. Tobias is a married vegetarian. 

Stefanie Rinderle-Ma

Role: Scientific Advisor 
«Stefanie» is the head of the WST group and has more than 10 years experience regarding all aspects of business process management, especially adaptive process management systems. She was involved in the development of «ADEPT», the first adaptive workflow management system, which also lead to the commercially successful «AristaFlow® BPM Plattform». 

Erich Schikuta

Role: Scientific Advisor 
Erich with his 25+ years experience in fields like Parallel, Distributed, Cluster, Grid and Cloud Computing, as well as Service Oriented Architectures, especially shapes the CPEE project regarding multi-threading and multi-core support. His interests in novel business models for cloud environments also lead to a unified service marketplace (see Ralph Vigne) and a push towards Service Level Agreement (SLA) utilization for processes. 


As the CPEE is in active development since four years, numerous other persons make/made contributions or wrote extensions: 
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