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Cloud Process Execution Engine

CPEE is a modular, service oriented workflow execution engine targeted at researchers, developers and system admins. It's goal is to provide a simple and lightweight, but also more powerful alternative to existing execution engines. Modularity for us means supporting (1) ''execution languages'' (i.e. BPEL, YAWL, BPMN), (2) ''interaction protocol'' (SOAP, REST, XMPP), and (3) ''execution shaping'' (runtime ad-hoc changes and custom behaviour) by adding simple REST web-services. In contrast to other engines, there is not internal API, dependency on frameworks or programming languages. Instead CPEE is a toolkit to build custom solutions. CPEE can be embedded into any website or application (running on a server, in a cluster or in the cloud) by solely relying on the HTTP protocol. 

2 good to be true? Play with it.

Try out our demo: a simple HTML webpage, that includes the engine via javascript (AJAX & SSE) and realizes (1) editing, (2) execution monitoring and (3) debugging. 
The CPEE is available under the LGPL V3.0 license. For local installation type «gem install cpee»

Our Mantra

  • No fiddling around with internal API's, just a simple, powerful REST API. 
  • No dependency on particular process languages, use whatever suits your project. 
  • No customization through engine implementation specific languages, embrace the web. 
  • No home grown VM in the core, rely on an existing, continuously optimized VM. 
  • No monolithic (model → instance) design or complex internal state, just transparency and scalability. 

More to come

We will soon provide 
Stay tuned. 
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