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JS Process Editor

As seen in the lower half in a «Demo» instance, there is an area a starting node (alpha). If you right click on this node, it is possible to add other nodes. The editor itself is implement 4 files (you can see them included when you "view source" of the editor html in «Demo») 
The editor itself can be included into any arbitrary html file by including 4 javascript statements: 
# create new instance of editor
graphrealization = new WfAdaptor(CPEE);
# tell it the svg canvas it should use in the document (multiple
# editors with editing disabled can run in parallel, to compare
# documents side by side.).
# set the process model to visualize. The editor right now accepts only # cpee internal process models.
# The editor right now operates on purely block structured models.
# Reason: it uses autolayout to produce strictly non-overlapping graphs
# (no lines crossing any other lines).
graphrealization.set_description($(res), true);
# Whenever the graph is modified, do something. This code block can be # to attached abitrary web-site
# functionality, such as:
#  * Show a special dialogue/properties for a particular element.
#    (line 3)
#  * Save the changed document to the server with ajax (line 2).
#  * Do whatever you want (line 1)
graphrealization.notify = function(svgid) {
  .... /* line 1 */
  save_description(); /* line 2 */,undefined); /* line 3 */
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